Temporary Work Visa-There are a number of temporary work visa options available for people to participate in specific professional, cultural or social activities or to do temporary work in Australia. 

Visa Categories  

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) Visa-Subclass 400 

This is a temporary visa for people travelling to Australia for up to 3 months to undertake short-term, highly specialised non-ongoing work or to participate in non-ongoing activities at the invitation of an organisation in Australia. 

Temporary Work (Long-Stay Activity) Visa-Subclass 401 

This is a temporary visa for people who want to come to Australia under the following four streams. (1) under a reciprocal staff exchange agreement or (2) to improve the quality of sport in Australia (3) full-time religious work and (4) Domestic work in the household of eligible senior foreign executives in Australia. (Visa is granted maximum for two years) 

Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa-Subclass 403 

For people entering Australia as employees or representatives of a foreign government agency but who do not enjoy official status in Australia. 

Temporary Work (Entertainment) Visa-Subclass 420 

This temporary visa allows people to work in the Australian entertainment industry; in film, television or live productions in either a performance or behind-the scenes role, such as directors, producers and other production personnel.

Training (Temporary) Visa-subclass 407- See Student Visa

Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa-Subclass 457  – See Employer Sponsored Visa