Student Visa- subclass 500

This visa is for students who want to come to Australia to study at a registered education institution.

You can study a registered full-time course in Australia. Eligible family members can Student Visa Immigration Australiaaccompany you to Australia. You and your family members can generally work a specified number of hours. You can generally stay in Australia until your course is finished.

Before you apply for this visa, you must have:

  • been accepted to study full-time in a registered course at an educational institution in Australia
  • organised appropriate welfare arrangements for the duration of your intended stay in Australia if you are under 18 years of age.


Training (Temporary) Visa-subclass 407

This is a training visa, not a work visa. This visa is for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to participate in occupational training or in a professional development program. This is a sponsored visa valid for 12-24 months. There are three streams under this visa. Most students who have completed their study are eligible to apply for this visa.

  1. Training Required for Registration – to undertake a structured workplace-based training to obtain registration, membership or licensing in Australia, or their home country, in order to work in their occupation.
  2. Training to Enhance Skills – to undertake a structured workplace-based training program in relation to an occupation specified in the Skilled Occupation List or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

  3. Training for Capacity Building Overseas This type of training includes the following categories:
    • Overseas Qualification – This category enables students who are currently enrolled in a foreign educational institution and who are required to complete a period of practical training, research or observation to obtain their qualification, the opportunity to undertake up to six months structured workplace-based training in Australia.
    • Government Support  – This category allows for structured workplace-based occupational training which has the support of a government agency in Australia or the government in the home country of the nominated trainee.
    • Professional Development  – This category enables overseas employers to send their managerial or professional employees to Australia to undertake a tailored professional development programme of face-to-face teaching in a classroom or similar environment.